Headquarters for the Abduction Issue, the Government of Japan held an essay competition for junior high and high school students in Japan to offer them a chance to learn and understand the abductions issue by watching movies, a theatrical play, and reading publications on the abductions issue. 2,635 works were received from all over Japan, and as a result of the judging, three 1st prize winners, six 2nd prize winners, and six 3rd prize winners were selected. In addition, a new group prize has been set up for schools that have actively applied for this competition from last year, and seven schools have been commended this year. On December 10, a Commendation Ceremony for the Essay Competition was held at Iino Hall in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and Mr. MATSUNO Hirokazu, Chief Cabinet Secretary and Minister in Charge of the Abductions Issue, awarded certificates of commendation to the winners of the 1st and 2nd prize.


Award ceremony in Tokyo this year

List of Winners

Junior High School Category

【1st Prize】

  • YOSHIDA Kiara

    7th grade, Narashino Municipal 5th Junior High School

【2nd Prize】


    9th grade, Nantan Municipal Sonobe Junior High School

  • UEDA Karin

    7th grade, Tokai University Takanawadai Junior & Senior High School

【3rd Prize】

  • KIDA Monika

    9th grade, Tachikawa Municipal Tachikawa 7th Junior High School

  • KANEKO Yuko

    8th grade, Hokuto Municipal Koryo Junior High School

  • KATSUYAMA Misaki

    9th grade, Nagoya Municipal Mizuhogaoka Junior High School

High School Category

【1st Prize】

【2nd Prize】

  • SATO Hiyori

    12th grade, Fukushima Prefectural Fukushima Meisei High School

  • NAKAGAWA Akari

    10th grade, Kanagawa Prefectural Atsugi Higashi Senior High School

【3rd Prize】

  • NAMAIZAWA Ryūsei

    10th grade, Keiai Gakuen High School

  • MANABE Teruya

    10th grade, Jinsei Gakuen High School

  • NONAKA Kokoro

    11th grade, Ehime Prefectural Matsuyama Commercial High School

English Essay Category

【1st Prize】

【2nd Prize】

Group Award

Tosu Municipal Tosu Junior High School

Yukuhashi Municipal Chukyo Junior High School

Nantan Municipal Sonobe Junior High School

Takinogawa Girls' Academy Junior and Senior High School

Kumamoto Prefectural Taishi High School

Ehime Prefectural Imabari Kita High School

Anan Municipal Fukui Junior High School